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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Webstore terms and conditions from 1.11.2013

General information about eCommerce

Mbody is registered trademark, owned by Myontec Ltd. (2167007-0). Myontec Ltd. is registered limited company in National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland. Myontec Ltd is the supplier for the Mbody products. eCommerce products are sold by shop.mbody.fi webstore. Products are available for adults, companies and communities on European Union (EU) area. For other countries please contact support@myontec.com. Presented product prices include valid value added tax (VAT). Myontec Ltd. reserves right to change prices and shipping costs.

Following terms and conditions follow commonly applied terms and conditions on EU area.

How to order

Products are available at webstore at shop.mbody.fi -shopping cart. To be able to order and receive order confirmation it is required that customer will register to webstore with active email address. By registering and accepting the terms and conditions customer will be valid also for further orders.

Order Confirmation

Order confirmation will be sent by an email with the information of ordered products, order number, delivery costs, date of the order, payment method and the total purchase cost.

Payment methods

Credit cards

We accept following credit cards for payment: Visa and Mastercard. Payment is operated via Point Transaction Systems Ltd network payment service.

Network payment

Payment service is provided by Point Transaction Systems Ltd. Following Finnish banks are available on network payment: Nordea, Danske Bank, Osuuspankki, Aktia/SPOP, S-Pankki, Tapiola Pankki, Handelsbanken or Ålandsbanken. Network bank is cost effective and easy way to make payment. After leaving the order the information of the payment transfer is presented containing following information: paid amount, reference number and the account number of payment service provider (Point Transaction Systems Ltd)

“More information field” has also information about the recipient of the final payment i.e. Myontec Ltd. and the reference number for the payment.

Delivery time

Shipments will be delivered every working day. Orders will be shipped within 3-5 working days after received payment, unless otherwise informed on the order confirmation or separate email. Deviations from regular delivery times are announced in web pages presenting the product. Product with pre-sales are delivered after items have been received to stock.

Myontec Ltd. reserves the right to change these terms and conditions if delays are due to subcontractor operations or force majeure conditions. Myontec Ltd. will inform all customers about the changes and the effects due to changes.

Myontec Ltd. is not responsible to deliveries or delivery times which are due to following factors and conditions: strike, illness, boycott in import-, export and/or prohibition or problems transportation, subcontractor delays, production shutdown et cetera.

Delivery methods and shipment costs


Shipments from web shop are handled as a rule by contract courier service. In some cases delivery method and shipping costs can be agreed beforehand and in this case customer will select “Agreed shipping method” when making order.

Shipping costs include shipping / freight and packing costs. Any forwarding services and costs thereto are not included. Shipment costs are presented after service selection on shopping cart. Shipping methods are available for Finland and EU countries. For other countries contact support@myontec.com.

Domestic services:


Customer will receive tracking number by email. Customer can pick up the parcel from nearest post office after receiving notice of arrival.

Posti Smartpost

Custormer can pick up the parcel from selected Smartpost parcel point. Customer will receive a message from the parcel arrival. Message includes a code for the selected parcel point. Smartpost is available only for shipments in Finland, Åland and Estonia.

International services (EU countries):

All shipments to European Union countries include fixed shipment and handling fee. All shipment and handling costs are presented in order process and added to total payable amount.

GLS Euro Business Parcel (EU countries):

Customer will receive tracking number by email after shipment leaves from stock. Customer. Shipment is delivered to kiosks which have delivery agreement with GLS.

International services (Outside EU countries):

We don’t sell products outside European Union countries via shop.mbody.fi webstore. All inquiries outside EU will be handled in our sales organization, please contact sales@mbody.fi.

Delivery problems or notice of defects

In case the parcel is defected, lost during transportation or customer has received wrong item, customer must make notice of error immediately to address support@myontec.com

Notice of error must be done within 14 days after receiving the product. If the parcel is defected during transportation, customer is responsible for noticing of the defect to carrier and announcement to address support@myontec.com

Exchange and Return Policy

All customers are served according to customer protection act and therefore customers has right to exchance or return product within 14 days. Myontec Ltd. has customer return service with Itella and customer can return product in Finland and Sweden without charge (see exceptions). From other countries, customer return shipping costs are paid by customer. If you want return product, make notification using email to address support@myontec.com  and attach following information to notification: your name, address, bank contact information, phone number and copy of product order confirmation. Normal delivery time for Posti customer returns is 3-5 working days due to service time. Refund will take place when returned product condition is found immaculate.

As stated in customer protection act, returned product must be unused. To be able to return product, the customer must keep the product unchanged and undiminished – customer is allowed to try on product as in shops.

If the product has been taken into use the right of return is not valid. The returned product must be unused and packaged in original product package. If seals or protection films are removed, the product has been taken into a use.

Washed, used or changed products cannot be returned or changed. Take care that product are comparable to new unused product when returning product. If there are for example hair or dust from pets, the customer return is not accepted. Return products in its original package and if there are more than one product included in delivery, return all products related to bundle.

Product return as a package

When returning product, all related items must be packed inside original package. When returning package in Finland ask package card 14 for shipment. In other countries shipment costs are paid by customer.  Fill needed information and attach package card on top of package. Take customer part of package card for a receipt. Returning address is Myontec Oy, Microkatu 1, PL1188 70211 Kuopio, Finland. We will only redeem packages which have been sent using Posti 14 customer return service! Any other shipment costs are not refundable.

Myontec Ltd will charge shipment costs to both directions and 5 € handling fee from ordered products which are not redeemed by customer and will be returned back to Myontec.


Products have following guarantees:

          o Electronics: 2 years from delivery

          o Device battery: 1 year from delivery

          o Textiles and stationary fixed wires and connectors: 6 months from delivery.

Product guarantee is not valid in case where product has been dismantled or there are signs that product has been repaired by non-accepted service provider. Guarantee is also lapsed if product has been used against intended purpose or user guide or there are signs that excessive force has been used. When returning device for guarantee service, all items that belong to package must be returned. Guarantee is not valid if product has been used with the accessories which are not included in original product. Product has been designed to withstand normal sweating and splashed water as rain. Product is not protected against immersion to water or other liquids.

If there is defect in product that will require service, please make notification by email with your name, address, phone number, defect type and product serial numbers to address support@myontec.com


We reserve rights to change conditions related to shipment and pricing. Customer is obligate to familiarize him/herself with the current valid terms and conditions and accept them in connection with the order. Myontec Ltd will handle all customer information confidentially. Myontec Ltd will not give customer information to 3rd party unless in situations described in Privacy Policy information on this page or when permitted by customer. All customer information will be always transferred using SSL-connection.

Myontec Oy will be only responsible for detriments, which are clearly the result of defects done on purpose or neglection on activities or issues which are on Myontec Ltd's responsibility by regulation.

3rd party companies like Google may show our advertisement on internet and will use cookies to adjust advertisement according to collected data from previous visits on our web pages. Customers can remove Google cookies by visiting Google ad removal pages.